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rasikh Posted a Review of 1969

ORCHID GRILL...near bhara kaho..murree toll plaza Islamabad....

(I had to select the restaurant name as i couldnot find orchid grill in restaurant list ) Well as my wife belongs from Abbotabad and her many relatives in islamabad... i ve to travel pretty often ...i passed this place many times but never considered it.... well along with a friend as i entered this looked like a simple roadside restaurant... but i am compelled to say that it was more then we climbed few steps... as its in a hilly area.. there was a main big dining hall and then there were small rooms with a big single dining table some able to cater a family or group of 10 to 20 ppl, sort of a private dining area.... there were 3 or four rooms like that...they ve plenty of space... and now to the real, beauty.......what a well maintained and awesome gardens they ve.... i ve never seen a restaurant offering a dining experience with such beautiful plantation and flowers around.... so so beautiful..they ve open dining area aswell with dining tables or ''takht sitting with Gao takkias'' whichever suits you... we ordered chicken handi and full chicken (pieces) BBQ... the food arrived way before our expectations.... the handi was excellent with the right / balanced ingredients and very tasty, the masala was so so perfect.....same was with chicken BBQ , it was marinated very well and was tender, juicy from inside, not over cooked at all.... and what we call in urdu ''soonay pey suhaaga'' the rotis came in perfect times... 2 at a time...'khasta and hot'' truly amazing... the service was top notch ...the waiter had to keep on running to the kitchen for the roti and other stuff and boy he was fast and helpful.... there is good playing area for kids to play aswell, so if u r a nature lover, like dining in open air...and are traveling to that place...please dont miss the chance to dine there

Likes - 2 Comments 7 years 6 months ago
  • salmanrobo

    Hello! My name is Salman and I am the son of the Owner of this Resturant. The name is actually Orchards Resturant :)...

    6 years 12 months ago
  • rasikh

    Alright....thanks for the correction...but i must say..u must keep up the greenery and the gardens the way they are..awesome

    6 years 12 months ago
foodinspector Posted a Review of 1969


very very good, and excellent taste.

Likes - 1 Comments 7 years 7 months ago
  • zaz


    7 years 7 months ago
FarooqMazhar Posted a Review of 1969


well 1969 is an amazing place .... to start off every seat has some different news from the era .... the old aura of the place does certainly give you a kick back into time ... its must visit place as the food also complements the great atmosphere ...

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 7 months ago
Pal Posted a Review of 1969

Experience great food and excellent ambience!

This place is worth giving a visit if you really want to get the flavor of Islamabad in 1960's. They serve great desi food, not to forget that their 'lassi' is the best that you could get in Islamabad. What really sets 1969 apart from other desi restaurants is the ambience and the great amount of interest that has been put in while designing the place. The restaurant is surrounded by lush green lawns which are a delightful sight both during the day and night.

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 7 months ago
groovs Posted a Review of 1969

Retro ?

it was not what was expected, a bit on the expensive side and nothing extraordinary, expect for its location and some retro setting of an old mansion / house. An okay place to chill and hangout with friends on a cool night for god discussion. Nothing outstanding with the food.

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 2 months ago
madiha_5453 Posted a Review of 1969

A Must Go

1969 is a must go for all those who either live in Islamabad or come here for a visit. Everything from the location to the food is pretty nice.Don't forget to try their Nachos!

Likes - 1 Comments 7 years 2 months ago
slmn Posted a Review of 1969

No Title

Food was good

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 1 month ago
Isloo361 Posted a Review of 1969

Great Food & Ambience.

after a very long time, we enjoyed great food and amazing ambience. as the name says the whole theme is 1969\'s. Got some histroical pictures hanging here n there. Even the waiters were wearing 60\'s clothing. Above of all, absolutely delicious food. try their handi and malai tikka. Lil' pricy but great place to be with family.

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 2 months ago

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