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Kiasu Posted a Review of Alliance Seafood


Known for its late night occupancy, Newton Food Centre at 500 Clemenceau Avenue North is one of the most favourite hawker centers in Singapore. Famous among the tourists, this colonial style structure promotes an open atmosphere with a nice breeze cross ventilating to give a cooling effect. Interestingly, many food stalls are serving different types of cuisines which make it difficult for the visitors to decide which one to go for. Historically, over priced and known for touting, this place became unpopular especially among the locals. Even at present, you can see “No Touting” sign board for the stall owners indicating how enthusiastic stall owners were (are). Nonetheless, stall after stall and items like Satay, Popiah, Oyster Omelette, Fish Soup, Fried Rice, Murtabak and BBQ Seafood add to its significance. To tingle our taste buds, we stopped at No. 27 Alliance Seafood – Makanan Laut Alliance run by an old Chinese Aunty. After ordering simple fried rice, one of Singapore’s favorites, I waited for almost 20 minutes to get the food served, which was comparatively slower than other competitor stalls. Besides, I also ordered a fresh sugar cane juice with lime which was unexpectedly high priced at almost S$2.5. Although with an empty stomach and hunger on its peak, I did not enjoy the food. Having served, I wished I could have ordered Popiah or Satay which looked succulent on other tables as Fried Rice was disappointedly expensive at $5 for a small portion. Just across was a stall with a long queue for a titled “local cuisine” at much lower prices. This was probably the most crowded stall among all. Despite it being overpriced for the quality of food, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting outdoor. This is surely one of the cleanest and airy hawker centers in Singapore. Look and feel of the overall area gives a much modern and touristy impression unlike other hawker places in town. If you want to enjoy the uncongested and open environment with a plethora of eatables, you must visit this place. Although the best time to enjoy its buzz would be after 7pm but for calmer atmosphere, lunch time is ideal but at the cost of fewer stalls opened around that time.

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 9 months ago
Kiasu Posted a Review of The Flyin' Bread

nice food

This is one of my favourite places to take away chicken and beef flyers...they freshly make it for you and is tempting and mouthwatering....price wise is also not too expensive....it can cost you from $1.50 skewers to $4 flyers to $10 for other items....there is no sitting area for the Flying Bread but you can sit in the common dining area of B3...

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 10 months ago
Kiasu Posted a Review of Ananda Bhavan Restaurant

Kesari & Poori

This is one of the few places in Singapore with such an extensive menu including poori, bhaaji, kesari, wada, idli and so on....however, the food is extremely expensive compared to the food....$8 sets including just one poori, tea and other gravy stuff..plus if you happen to buy any of their \"tit bits\", you will be robbed....although they are nice but a bit over priced....one small packet of muruki for more than $3, imagine you get the same for $1...guess they are charging for the brand name...food is ok, more south indian style.....Aloo ka pratha was just not a pratha but looked like a naan...though the raita was nice....you can try if you would like vegetarian, pani puri, chaat stuff...

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 10 months ago
Kiasu Posted a Review of Fujisan


As indicated by my friend: Last nite my friend invited me to a new Japanese restaurant at Liang Court it\'s at first level behind the customer service. They are newly opened, it\'s a huge place and great food... It\'s called FujiSan but you will not be able to see Mt Fuji from there haha :) Check it out... Too bad, I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the food...

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 11 months ago
Kiasu Posted a Review of Burger King

disappointment at Burger King

This time, I must say was one of the worst eating out experience I have encountered so far in Singapore. I happened to be at Burger King at Vivo city and due to the weekend and also $4.95 deal, there was so much crowd that I think the management couldn\'t manage it....food was all not fresh, burger pattie looked like a withered flower....no freshly made smell, fries seemed to have been over fried and that too multiple times, tables were so dirty that you could barely sit, coke was not at all bubbly and was just like water....I was extremely disappointed to have eaten there...

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 11 months ago
Kiasu Posted a Review of Nando's

Just lovin Peri Per

i think no words are needed for nandos...one of the best places in town and people had been long waiting for it in Singapore....like in other countries, this one is also good....you get to eat chicken and sea food plus more all in nandos style....peri peri chicken is nice.....other food is also nice

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 11 months ago