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nomi700 Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Disappointment @gun Smoke

Total disappointment. Visited the restaurant last Friday on lunch. Motive was to have steak in beef. Order was taken and after 15 minutes, the order taker came and excused that beef steak was not available and for that we have to wait 2-3 hours and we have to order something else. Eventually we ordered chicken steak and beef steak burger. Waited for 20 min for order to be served. Steak was ok but steak burger was total disaster. Dry and tasteless. To our surprise, while we are having our lunch, beef steak was served on table right next to ours. On my query to the manager for this discrimination, he lamely excused that the customer had ordered the steak 3 hours ago. What a joke. Ambiance was also bad. We were sitting right under the roof air conditioner and we're sweating hard. Overall a disappointed visit, not expecting such things from a good name in the industry Gun Smoke, Galleria, Lahore

Likes - 0 Comments 1 year 3 months ago
Yahya Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke

Had the Classic Gourmet burger in Beef. The service was super fast and the staff, vigilant. When the food came, after 10-15 minutes, did not have to ask for the drinks twice, as is the case in most restaurants. The beef patty was thick and juicy with just enough cheese and tomatoes. The fries were crisp and slightly salted. The bill was very reasonable considering we had ordered two burgers with fries and drinks using their Lunch deal. Would definitely be coming here again this week!!

Likes - 1 Comments 3 years 9 months ago
  • Saadiya

    Wut was the total bill ??

    2 years 2 days ago
jkbutt Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

worst steaks

one of the worst experince gunsmoke at galleria was my bad luck went there had there tripple chicken steak and there beef one plus there salad the ambiance was nice wih clean kitchens just about the best thing there now there beef steak realy bakwas steaks i ever had with that carmalized onions on top i would strongly advise not to go there maybe i dont no what steaks are butt i am happy with my simplistic and sada steak at salt and pepper plus there pricing 1400 for beef 1100 for chicken they really know how to suck blood still kicking myself for going there it was double stick for me bad food plus high prices why oh why people praise there steak if they want really good beef round eye type of steak go to pompei far better then this crap

Likes - 8 Comments 3 years 12 months ago
  • jkbutt

    i went there on the basis of the old gun smoke plus i dont no what is happening to the prices in lahore they charge whatever they like went to islamabad few days back its suppose to be the most expensive city in pak butt belive me compared to lahore it was reasonable

    3 years 11 months ago
  • OB

    Yes the prices have been out of control, it is they say because of high food costs and all...dont just doesnt make sense to me a 400 Rs coffee really?

    3 years 11 months ago
  • jkbutt

    i am also guilty of this butt if you give it a thought a cup of rice with chicken it can be cashew sweet and sour or anything the rice will not cost more then 30 rs and the chicken on the side maybe 100 rs and they will slap you with a figure off 700 to 800 bucks this is crazy

    3 years 11 months ago
foodydude Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Pathetic Good Quality

Well i have been to the Gunssmoke once when they were at MM alam and it was an aw sum experience . having those memories in my mind i went there again , but as they have shifted to some mall opp to Siddiq trade center and found the the enviroment , the culture tread they had set , the attitude , quality , service ,quantity all gone down .. pathetic and rude staff .. will never go there again .... infact i dont like the steaks , because of poor meat quality.

Likes - 1 Comments 3 years 3 months ago
  • masoodpervaiz

    one that does not sizzles is not steak.

    3 years 3 months ago
FarihaMunirShah Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

The cool new Gun Smoke at Gulberg Galleria.

I am a great fan of theme based parties and places. No other restaurant in Pakistan follows and compliments any theme as perfectly, as Gun Smoke. Absolutely remarkable ambiance, loved the decorations, little motor bikes & airplanes hanging from the roof. Nice, cheerful, crowd pulling environment. I would give 100% marks for interior and ambiance. Also for the Cowboy look of the waiters. About the food: They've a pretty nice variety of menu but you need to discover, what suits your taste. Roasted chicken half or full is a great choice for those who don't like burgers, etc. Their steaks are simply unmatchable. Their aftari deal during Ramadan was simply amazing. On ordering one dish, you could get one soup and salad absolutely free. Plus, they served khajoor and lemo-pani complimentary as well. About service: The first time, I went to this new place, I was surprised by the new courteous style of serving. Because, at their old branch, rude attitude by the waiters was considered , a part of 'the Cow boy' theme. I discovered the waiters to be co-operative, who guided us properly about the quality & quantity of food. But later, during Ramadan, when I went back with family for aftaari, that nice impression was shattered by rudeness of one worker over there. My daughter was fasting, being only 11 years old, she was at the verge of collapsing as we entered the restaurant. I was asked about the number of people accompanying me. I told them, we were 5, but as my daughter wasn't feeling very well, I tried to reach out to one table to make my daughter sit and the staff member, wearing White Cowboy dress, who was also listing people and appeared as if performing some managerial duty, almost shouted at me rudely. I really wanted to hit him hard on his frowning face or walk out of the place at once, but remembered I was fasting too. Anyway, then he just gave us the table we had found already. And I calmed myself by looking at the positive side & nice attitude of the rest of the workers over there. If I leave this story aside, I just loved this place so much. A nice, hip, happening place, with great ambiance, great menu and great service. But I won't forgive or forget that staff member because, the real purpose, I took my family for aftaari over there, was to write this review at Remember guys! This is Pakistan and when we're paying money for something, we expect courtesy in return. Rudeness of that one person, is the only part of this theme, which sucked.

Likes - 5 Comments 4 years 4 days ago
  • foodydude

    Well i have been to the Gunssmoke once when they were at MM alam and it was an aw sum experience . having those memories in my mind i went there again , but as they have shifted to some mall opp to Siddiq trade center and found the the enviroment , the culture tread they had set , the attitude , quality , service ,quantity all gone down .. pathetic and rude staff .. will never go there again .... infact i dont like the steaks , because of poor meat quality.

    3 years 3 months ago
  • user_643

    Went there tonight for my daughters birthday dinner. IT was the most pathetic experience and you guys spolied our day as follows:

    3 years 7 months ago
  • user_643

    Went there tonight for my daughters birthday dinner. IT was the most pathetic experience and you guys spolied our day as follows: 1 You served kacha meat and you staff insisted on calling medium rare as medium well i am 45 years old and i need to show you my passport for the amount oif travelling and secondly I come from Dallas Texas. and then the baby lamb ribs were just as kachee and just covered with bbq sauce and your staff was insisstent upon convincing us instead of just changing the order to a burger i even went to the table next to mine and both husband and wife endorsed that the steak was medium rare. that lady had ordered medium rare and hers was proper medium rare. FUCK you for spoiling my daughters day. i left my phone number at the front desk. i hope you guys call me to pay the bill.

    3 years 7 months ago
Hachi Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Cool Guys Waiter

rude staff. Ordered 2 whiskey river burgers and honey mustrd brgr found one of them had really dry hard bun. The waiter said "ider aisay hi hote hain" i would have argued that the buns on rest two are fine but did't. I hope these guys shut down real soon. Only a group of girls were sitting there at6pm. I mean why people still come here, go to zouk almost same prices and a well manned staff.

Likes - 1 Comments 5 years 9 months ago
  • Zaheer017_8426

    Its a tradition of gunsmoke that they have rude staff. Brother they have best stakes in world. And zouk is somehow more expensive and criwded

    5 years 9 months ago
waleedd Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Service that sucks big time

I heard a lot of good things about gun smoke (except the pricing) and was really looking forward to trying out one of their burgers. Ordered and then waited for more than 45 minutes (watching the clock on my mobile every two minutes) and regularly inquired from the waiter whetehr my order was ready or not. and well it never was.Well i could have stayed there and slammed them but because i was hungry as hell and the seating was extremely crampy i figured i shouldn't burden myself and us friends simply got up and left. I don't know if it is a singular incident or others have suffered at the hands of those dumb asses but i am definitely never going back there and wouldn't recommend anyone else. Any other burger joint will be way better than them, ATLEAST THEY SERVE YOU SOMETHING!

Likes - 0 Comments 5 years 1 week ago
NBg Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Out-and-Out Dining .... Always!

With the shift of Tossdown Foodies from Burgers to Steaks/Pizzas couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of my long due review I totally forgot about. Steaks @ Gun Smoke (I’m probably the last one to try it!) What a beauty! Gun Smoke knows their food like no other! Be it their legendary Burgers or their ‘must-have’ Steaks. It was after a couple of refusals to my cousins for their dine-out plans, this was the final time I was asked with a threat of being marooned for a life-time if I don’t join them (they believed it was their ‘threat’ that brought me out but partially it was the idea of Gun Smoke that tingled me ;) ) :P Since it was an early dinner, we had the privilege to choose the best seating for ourselves and we pointed to the biggest table they had as we were 7! (They do not have too many options for a larger group BTW) Soon after, we went through the ‘steak-menu’ since all were in the mood of some real meat. As for me, it HAD to be steak this time, since for years I’ve been trying to close my eyes when the burger menu flashed, but it was just impossible for me to resist! Specially with my regular partner-in-crime being a die-heart burger fan, I always had a feeling that I won’t b able to keep my eyes off that burger on the other side resulting in being ‘catastrophic’ for the fellow diner :P Anyways, coming back to this particular encounter!!! The variety of Steaks was appealing, so we decided to try-out the recommended ones each. Three however were short-listed, according to personal likings. We ordered two Jalapeno Beef Steaks, Red-Hot Fire Beef Steak, two Grilled-Mushroom Beef Steaks with an individual helping from their salad bar and the side-lines being hash-mash potatoes and creamed spinach with most of the meals we ordered except for one who wanted garlic bread instead of spinach. The most suitable drink could ofcourse be the simple Fresh Lime w/Soda to digest the huge meal catering almost everything, so that’s what we all ordered. There were however two ‘hopeless cases’ on our table who were on DIET and only accompanied us to share our salads, so they had to be the ones to lead us to the salad bar and choose for themselves. We didn’t mind it either since we had enough salad servings on the table so we could spare two for them. Their apparently mini salad bar has almost everything actually, from the fresh veges like crunchy ice-berg and beetroot to the usual coleslaw, pasta salad and the like followed by pickles, dressings and croutons to top with. Like always, I stuffed myself with salad and immediately after, felt the pang of guilt for leaving no room for what yet had to follow. BUT, nothing a sight of delish platter can’t fix! I instantly felt my mind signaling my tummy to make good enough space, for it should expect some divine cascade of flavors soon ;) since my Jalapeno Beef Steak was gorgeous! And so were the other two steaks. However, they didn’t get one order right. They served all the meals with spinach and hash mash potatoes on the side, whereas, they were repeatedly told to make one with garlic bread instead of spinach. On inquiry, the order-taker gave a puzzled look and went away without a word!!! :S Minutes later he showed up with a basket of garlic bread, he said he would like to add it as complimentary now and not take away the spinach. OK! Thanks :D But that’s not all, again comes the manager himself carrying ANOTHER basket of garlic bread and would convince us to keep that too while we were already thinking that we shouldn’t have accepted the first, since my cousin compromised with her spinach and wasn’t regretting at all :D It was returned, hence. Starting off with the sidelines, I totally LOVED the taste and texture of the creamy Spinach. it was hot and went down the throat, deliciously soothing. Their Hash Mash Potato had the most unique after-taste. I couldn’t make out if it was some hint of garlic in it or chicken stalk, but it was a lip-smacking blend of flavors. The Garlic Bread was just ok! Suddenly, I realized I was again stuffing myself without yet getting my hands on THE thing. So I attacked the succulent looking piece with no further delay. Since I like my steak medium-rare, it wasn’t too hard to cut through it, while its juice dripped all the way. My first-bite… Yumm-meeee! The flavors induced in it were taking over my taste-buds. Marinated so well, deep down to each crevice in the meat, that as many times I chewed on the chunk in my mouth, it would splash its essence over and over again and wouldn’t loose it’s taste, moisture and tenderness. Grilled to perfection! The blue cheese and jalapeno coupled perfectly for this steak. I was over-whelmed and praised my choice of meal while the ones who had Grilled- Mushroom Beef Steak seemed satisfied with theirs, heaped with mushrooms and cheese melting down the plump steak. The Red-Hot Fire Beef Steak was topped with a generous amount of grilled onions and was basted well with their special fiery sauce. We loved it all! Oh & I feel they were reasonably priced for the quality and quantity, comparatively! OKKKK! “Satiated!... Stuffed!... Bloated! …Crammed….La lala laa laaa!” - The final pat on our tummies sang this little jingle to us! :D and we left (happily ever after!) ;)

Likes - 30 Comments 6 years 11 months ago
  • dazzling_s

    @rasikh, u know when the bird flu was in the air and all the chicken restaurants used to be completely empty, i was strictly forbidden from eating anything from outside after my freshly delivered pizza was caught by dad by the virtue of my gun man's stupidity, i fetched a friend of mine and landed straight at 'NANDOS' (m.malam was the only branch then) we were the only people there and the staff looked really surprised k actually customers aa gaye hain.. they looked at us as if we were ghosts gotten loose in a cold night of december.. anyway when no one came forward to welcome us, we went straight to the reception counter and my friend actually came up with these words 'aap ka chicken bird flu wala to nahi hai?' While i looked at her in awe, the girl behind the counter handed us a printout, an article from the bbc website that said the virus dies at so n so temp n then she started off at how THEIR chicken was cooked blah blah and well, despite their huge grill was totally deserted, we broke the ice and came out triumphant! They even rewarded us with a free desert for being the only dare do's at Nandos since God knows how long! It was like heaven for the deprived from chicken people, where as we spent the next whole week praying very religiously. my friend was more concerned about getting the virus and i, more so for my dad coming to know of my little adventure had i caught the virus!! Cant say which would have been worse though!! ;-)

    6 years 11 months ago
  • rasikh

    @ NBg..g g janab agar sirf daana paani ka masla hota to aur baat thi, aur same with pait bharna...this place is full of chaskoras and chatkhoris please dont blame the poor pait , the way i treat my ''pait'' agar uski zaban hoti to mujhay gaalian deta aur hath hotay to mera gala daba [email protected] Dazzling...yes its a bit strange but u know i did full research on bird flu at that time ..and after reading from authentic places and people about the virus and cooking temperature..........I HAD BBQ ALMOST EVERY OTHER NIGHT...lolz...u know if i am not wrong the chicken went straight to 45 or 50 / kg Rs from 120 or 130...hell that was one party time...

    6 years 11 months ago
  • OB

    Miss gunsmoke

    4 years 8 months ago
zahidsafdar_9803 Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Beef Burger

Best beef burger in town.

Likes - 0 Comments 6 years 12 months ago
rameez878 Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Little Over Rated

Well first of all prices have been raised..Its now of 599 without tax. Taste is good but not excellent considering the amount being paid and comparing to other burgers on m.m.alam road. Interior is unique and catchy.

Likes - 2 Comments 6 years 12 months ago
  • NBg

    Inflation hits everything. Prices raised everywhere I believe.

    6 years 12 months ago
  • OB

    Thats why we have the Khaba Card man...we get everything for 600 rs and this is the best burger in town, HANDS DOWN!

    6 years 12 months ago
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