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Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke Lahore

Cafe ($$$$) About Us


Gulberg, Lahore All Branches

59 Reviews
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758 + Rep Points / 104 Followers


Gun Smoke

Love- That only keeps growing!

I wasn’t much of a burger fan until almost a decade ago I had one at Gun Smoke, and since then um hooked. This is actually the only place I go have burgers by choice-Any day! It’s just so remarkable how this place is up and serving for so long, unchanged. The food, ambiance, their unique cow-boy culture…everything is still rocking and never fails to thrill over and over again despite so many similar restaurants budding in the city since then. Gun Smoke really scores high on consistency.
The Grilled Mushroom Burger and the Whiskey River Burger (both Beef and Chicken) are G.R.E.A.T! I’m somehow more inclined toward beef, when it comes to burgers and Gun Smoke do them BEST! The patty is absolutely tender, scrumptious…. The veges so crunchy…the buns undoubtedly fresh… the oozing sauces r tantalizing… and of course the crispy fries are a truly justifying companion.
OK. having said that, I have to confess that strangely enough, I’ve never tried their steaks, though I’ve always heard so high of them. Every time I decide to go have a steak @ Gun Smoke, I end up feeling guilty placing an order ;) (it’s just so hard to cheat on the Burgers here) :P But I can vouch for their steaks too- u think they can ever go wrong??? Neah! ;)
Gun Smoke just revitalizes my emotions by all means :) The association goes a long way, so no matter what their standard even after another decade, the gift of my loyalty is a promise! :)


146 + Rep Points / 61 Followers


Gun Smoke

does it every time!!

My husband and I, we have this special thing for gun smoke. I can't point a finger at it..but maybe its the fact that its scrumptious beefy burgers never seem to disappoint us. Or that its unpretentious ambiance always makes us feel at home. Or maybe its the crispy french fries and the zesty fresh lime that gives it all that special kick! I guess I'll never really figure it out...Until I do....its beef burgers will rock my "food" world so to speak....


15 + Rep Points / 9 Followers


Gun Smoke

Guns Smoke

I love it!!


18 + Rep Points / 3 Followers


Gun Smoke

Big *ss Burgers!!

I've been going to Gun Smoke for over a year and it has never failed to satisfy my appetite and my taste buds! As soon as you go in you are greeted by Desi Cowboys who show you to your seat and take your order. The service is pretty fast i don't remember ever waiting longer than 10 minutes for all the times I've been there. Up till a few months back the prices were pretty reasonable and it was about 550-575 for any one of the ginormous burgers with a drink (tax included). It was only on my last trip that i realized the prices have shot up quite a bit (700 + tax for a burger and drink :/ and 1200 for a lousy steak :/). As far as the taste is concerned, it is awesome, the beef burgers (I've never tried chicken except the gourmet) are exquisite, Perfectly done and large enough to satisfy anyone. They use quite a liberal amount of cheese on the Grilled Mushroom burger though they could be more liberal with the mushrooms as well :/ mine hardly had 10 sliced mushrooms on it. The blue diner is quite good though i like mine without the onions. Apart from those two I've tried the "extra spicy" or maybe it was the "extra hot" but it didn't live up to its name and wouldn't get a recommendation from me. The 5 Alarm on the other hand is nice but there is nothing special about it. I've tried the Gourmet burger in chicken and it was pretty bad ass!! They've changed the menu as well recently, there used to be a salsa burger or Mexican burger, i can't remember the name but it was pretty good. Its not on the menu anymore and that's a bummer! The sitting area is quite good and you get your own mini TVs to watch. You'll find old wild west movie posters, all-you-can-eat-free-peanuts, cattle skulls, guns and other things you might encounter in a western themed eating area. The waiters as always are pretty rude but that's part of the whole western setting. In short, awesome burgers but quite overpriced!!!!


19 + Rep Points / 5 Followers


Gun Smoke

Don't say I didn't warn you

This joint proves that if you keep prices high, you can get away with anything. These guys pride themselves on their rude waiters and wild west attitude but the jokes worn down on lahore.

All you get when you go here is unmemorable food in cramped noisy surroundings. They constantly mess up orders and always ask you how you want your steak or burger cooked but never comply.

Well done means rare and medium means well done. The last time I went there the waiter started to apologise by saying it will not happen again. He was right...I'm never stepping foot inside this hell hole again.

Go somewhere you get what you pay for.


1 + Rep Points / 2 Followers


Gun Smoke

good stuff

The service is pretty much as they say. Very nice western theme to the place. The food is mixed experience. we ordered pasta and a chicken steak. Pasta turned out to be delicious, the steak however, was a complete disappointment =\ Good service and the overall experience would be bringing me back for sure


103 + Rep Points / 43 Followers


Gun Smoke

Exclusive visit to kitchen @ Gun Smoke =)

Burgers at gun smoke are the yummiest burgers ever tried. This time again we tried Mexican and some whiskey burger (pardon me for not remembering the name, but that's what they name it)

So, as usual we kept on discussing gun smoke and our visit to mini Mexico =p and that was the time we did not even realize when we were served and when we finished eating them all and in gossiping around we forgot to take pictures to upload on TossDown =S HOW COME??? that was the most dull part of the lunch.

WE HAD TO UPLOAD PICTURES ON TD... **WHATSOEVER** My friends were so reluctant to ask them take pictures of the prepared meal before serving as they were supposed to be RUDE. but then I managed to ask them for the pictures, the manager not only helped in taking those pictures but also offered us to visit their kitchen. As you all can see the kitchen was not so Cowboyish =) such an organized, tidy and clean kitchen which we never expected. and esp of a surprize visit which shows that their kitchen is always like that

They made us tasted other meals as well and explained what and how do they operate in kitchen.

The experience, their welcoming attitude, and yummy Mexican sauce on our taste bud made us more Excited to visit them again next week.

  • NSwow awesome! an added advantage of being a tossdown user...sneak peaks into our favorite restaurants kitchens :D woohoo great job tossdown! 5 years 8 months ago

  • OBWish we had more photos of the yummy burgers but ya kitchen is not bad too :) 5 years 8 months ago

  • Rkhanthe review can have only 5 pics thats why making your wish come true now uploaded more in images =) 5 years 8 months ago


0 + Rep Points / 2 Followers


Gun Smoke

Not so Cowboy...

Well Last week was my birthday... as an eat out i chose gun smoke .. well had heard a lot about it but frankly speaking i was disappointed..
First, I was with my family and we were given a tiny table in the very start not so comfortable exactly... but not a huge problem...
secondly, Salad was nothing but salt and salt in each thing... nothing very special in salad it was too salty... may be it had happened that day only... so i just ignored that too...
Third, Waiters.. i had heard the waiters there actually act as cowboys but there was nothing as cowboys except the uniforms.. they did not even had the right attitude.. DISAPPOINTEDD....
Food was good... was a good value for money.. but i asked em to pack my burger and they gave it to me in a SHOPPER.. yaiks... a 550rs burger in a SHOPPER...
i was surprised...
anyway.. i gave waiters my friendly remarks on his hygienic packing technique... and left....
Not that great experience....

  • Rkhanand you talked abou packing - i guess it depends on quantity of meal u have asked. and their shopping bag is not that much bad =) 5 years 8 months ago

  • Sidra_978@R khan: well you are right about attitude but i was expecting it so i commented abt it.... and quantity of foodd.... hmm i ordered a new burger and decided to take it away for dinner with me,,,, it was a whole platter including the fries and colsolw etc 5 years 8 months ago

  • moeezikram@R.Khan Your right man... Sometimes the hotels and especially these cabby type Schaumz dont buy that stuff and get this, Part of peanuts looks fine when you are totally drunk otherwise a man with senses cannot do this kind of stuff ! 5 years 8 months ago


1 + Rep Points / 2 Followers


Gun Smoke


their buffet is very nice.


5 + Rep Points / 3 Followers


Gun Smoke

OMG :)

Gun Smoke serves the best burgers in Pakistan. No doubt about that!
I went there yesterday with a friend and ordered my favorite starter the Gun Smoke Real Buffalo wings. These wings as always are absolutely delicious but today I am gonna focus on the burger :) I have tasted many burgers from the GS but discovered their most awesome burger last night i.e. River BBQ. It was basted with the amazing whiskey river bbq sauce, had grilled onions, tomatoes, fresh lettuce, mayo etc. The burgers come to you hot, a little crisp on the ends, moist in the middle making it effective enough to make way to the center with every bite.
The grilled burger patty and the sauces completely overwhelmed my palette. I have no recollection of the cheese. It was melted white Cheddar, though.
All I said to myself after my first bite was OMG :)

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