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Asadamin Posted a Photo of Jahangir Murgh Pulao

reasonable food nothing special

Likes - 9Comments 4 years 12 months ago
  • AsadaminJust reasonable Jhangir Murgh Pallao in Faisalabad. Rs 200 per plate. Two small daal shami and two small chicken pieces. Palloo of Allah Malik of Sialkot is at least two times more tasty than this Pallao. 4 years 12 months ago

  • Asadamini think he put some yakhni of Beef Bones etc in Rice. other wise Pallaoo made with chicken yakhni is not that much heavy. Rice were heavy cooked in some heavy Yakhni. Do some rang bazi in chicken also as chicken is neither briller nor desi. May be Misri Murgh. But plenty of sale. you would be amazed how much he is earning. Available in day and night 4 years 12 months ago

  • OBHow would you compare it to pulao house lahore? 4 years 12 months ago

  • AsadaminPlenty of Jhangir Murgh Pallaoo sellers in Faisalabad. Real shop is in Kutcheri Bazar. Big building on corner with blue glass windows. Sitting on 2nd and 3rd floor. On 1st floor sitting area for families. on ground floor Big Daig of Palloo. A person like me can easily sleep in that daig so much big. Give Rs 200 at ground floor on cash counter and he would give you token. Just go upstairs and give token to waiter and he would bring you Rice 4 years 12 months ago

  • AsadaminPallaoo house Lahore is now totally farigh. Sad that his quality and taste decreased. In start he was giving platter in which kofta curry, chanee was included but now he changed his menu and kofta curry and chanee is finished. His Daal shami is also totally farigh. Quality and quantity of mutton in pallaoo also decreased. More bones then meat. Place was having potential go grow but i dont know what he is doing. Giving watery Raita instead of Nestle Raita. Salad is also not upto mark. 4 years 12 months ago

  • AsadaminStill Allah Malik Murgh Palloo is best as per my taste. So many times eaten Savor but never really liked it. His rice is totally tasteless and chicken is dry. But people love it as its cheap in that area. In Biryani no match for Hall Road Biryani. This place is better than Pallaoo House for sure 4 years 12 months ago

  • AsadaminMy cousin went to Russian estates called Turkamanistan. He told me that Pallaoo are there national food. All people eat Pallaoo and sleep. They love to cook Pallaoo. Even if they are sad, they would cook Pallaoo to over come sadness. I would try to go to Turkamanistan to eat that Palloo. Not expensive tour. I think in 100,000 a person can visit that country. 4 years 12 months ago

  • ZaraahmedIt looks very tasty but it is too much oily. We have student biryani and pulao in karachi . Believe you me Asad no one in Pakistan can beat our student biryani and Pulao 4 years 8 months ago

  • Asadaminyes it's oily no dought and he adds beef yakhni to make it tasty which resulted in making it heavy. there is taste difference in lahore and karachi. people of karachi love biryani while people at lahore love to eat pullao. even some places here sold pullao in name of biryani. people in punjab have now started to cook biryani at homes but still karachi has best biryani. but due to taste variation we people may not find it tasty. I once go to karachi and one my collegue took me to student biryani it was nothing special just for reason that I was not used to eat biryani in such way. so much difficult to change taste of person. 4 years 8 months ago

Asadamin Posted a Photo of Jahangir Murgh Pulao

reasonable food

Likes - 0Comments 5 years 10 months ago
ShahidChheena Posted a Review of Jahangir Murgh Pulao

Jahangir Murgh Palao is famous and oldest resturnent of FSD and they are as famous like Savor in ISB and used to have good palao but these their quailty is not up to mark. too much oily stuff....

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 4 weeks ago
drerat Posted a Review of Jahangir Murgh Pulao

yum yum

the most delicious murgh palao i ever had....

Likes - 0 Comments 9 years 11 months ago