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Lahore Cafeteria

Lahore Cafeteria

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Mall Road, 04237357666



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RoghanJosh Posted a Review of Lahore Cafeteria

A Step Back in Time

As you step into this place you get this aura that I may have stepped into another era. We live at a time where the majority's definition of taste has been reduced an amalgam of oil and spice. I remember a few of my Indian friends complaining - when they visited Lahore-that food in Pakistan isn't spicy enough for them, I didn't understand them, until I found out the meaning of spice on a trip to Dehli n Bombay. Trust me it hurts at both ends. Coming back to the place, what initially stood out was the level of simplicity. You can pick a platter or a Buffet at lunch time. Ordering is quite simple and yes you get a token when you order. I tried Mutton Qourma (very nicely prepared Qourma), Palak Gosht, Shami Kababs, White Curry Chicken and Mataar Pulao and topped it off Shahi Tukray (not so nicely done: Shahi Tukray). The Food brought back memories of Gulberg Kabana to life. I must say all the items - other than the Shahi Tukray of course- were quite good and had nice freshly prepared taster to them. I like cafe feel to the place, but I doubt that it will do well, because of retrogression is our general taste level. I feel foodies, especially who have an appreciation for versatility in cuisine will welcome this place as a valued addition. Afterall, variety is the real spice of life.

Likes - 0 Comments 3 years 6 months ago
Zaheer017_8426 Posted a Review of Lahore Cafeteria

Low budget

Lahore Cafeteria. Went to lahore cafeteria 2 weeks back. Weekands Dinner buffet at 599(included tax) Its only good if you are really low on money. No taste at all. Bland Only good thing was bbq kabab and Fried Fish. Chandi Chowk and Ziafat is way better One Plus point is Live Singing on weekands. Thats enjoying Value for money: 7/10 Ambience: 7/10 Taste: 6/10

Likes - 0 Comments 4 years 8 months ago
Asadamin Posted a Review of Lahore Cafeteria

Excellent Taste of Food, Service & Sitting Place

AOA After hectic tour of outstation for 10 days today was my first day at Lahore in Office. Tried many new things in Faisalabad and uploaded pictures. Today i was thinking world would end in maximum 200 years the way things are folding. the way wars are being fought and natural resources of world are ending. Gas would end in Pakistan in 15 years. Oil would end from world in 40 years. world can not feed Billions of people. Feeling of end of world give me tension. i though why not eat some good thing before the world ends :) Reach Mall road on Paradise in front of Lahore court. Then i saw new place called Lahore Cafeteria. I remember my brother OB write review about it. I thought why not try new place. Leave paradise. First of all sitting place is good, A/C was working. nice interior and plenty of sitting space. You have to take your try and order food and keep placing in your try and pay bill at end. First of all there is choice of Pakistani dishes. i remember there was mash daal, mutton joints, mutton korma, currey, chicken karahi etc. Prices are mentioned and dishes were placed in clean class showcase. I take mutton qorma. then there are variety of chinese dishes. i only take one drum stick from chinese variety. I also take vegetable biryani. infact it was pea pallao. Then i take Shahi Tukra and finally sprite. My bill was Rs 957 on high side. Break up was as follows Biryani Rs 129 Drum Stick Rs 49 Salad, chatni, Achar Rs 50 Mutton Qorma Rs 399 Shahi Tukra Rs 129 Sprite Rs 69 GST Rs 132 Now i take my food and sit on nice clean table. I simply love the taste of qorma and pea pallao. Just like made in home. not heavy. Totally enjoyed it. Drum stick was also very good. much better then normally sold in market. it was fresh and juicy. Shahi tukra was good. not like made in my home but good. if they can make it thicker it would be more good. Sprite was totally chilled. I liked this place. normally i go in depression when spending more than Rs 500 on one time food but this time i did not go into depression and enjoyed my food very much. Next time i would take my family and my office collegues there. nice place to sit with nice environment. Place is also open at night and off on Sunday. In night they give BBQ Also and plenty of items to order if you do not want self service items Previously cookers was open on this place but closed. i am sure this place would continue as there was good number of people eating there. Best of Luck to this new place.

Likes - 1 Comments 4 years 1 month ago
  • Asadamin

    i am looking at my review at laptop and pictures are only shown as small folded page like thing. in pictures section it is being shown as pictures but my name is not shown nor these are added in my profile. do not know what is the reason for that

    4 years 1 month ago
OB Posted a Review of Lahore Cafeteria

Classic Cafteria Dining

A couple of days back I was invited to the soft launch of Kamran Sheikhs new project - Lahore Cafeteria on the Mall road. Now Kamran sheikh is a restaurant veteran the man behind gun smoke, optp, zouk, veranda and many other across pakistan. This is his latest venture where he once again brings a themed culture. Just this time he brings back the 50s. You enter the place and immediately step into the 50 and 60s style flooring and interior. The idea is a self service cafeteria that will service the decent class professionals on the mall, now because this is the down town and all the action is here i guess there wasnt a better place to have a cafeteria. Mechanism: You order at the window outside choosing from pakistani or chinese deals with denominations of 400 500 and 600 (tax included) you choose a deal and yes everyone has to buy one meal token. No sharing nah nah and when asked the simple answer was - there is unlimited roti and the complicated was - ah nevermind! You pay outside and all is over with that part you come inside and given a table and once you get it you walk to the self service counter. If your deal has a curry choice you choose from 1 of the 6 curries you move to the next counter and choose from a sabzi or daal then choose from roti or rice with a fried item (shami kabab) grab the salad next and end it by choosing a dessert of your choice - cant help but saying shahi tukray all the way. I chose the white curry chicken daal matar palao with shami and like i mentioned shahi tukray. At 400 this was just too much and tasted great too. If you are working on the mall and used to cry about choices there you go youre blessed with the team that delivers the best already. It will take some time to pick up culture though. I liked it although confusing in the beginning. If youve been to bombay chowpatty this is one level up in self service. Lets see how this goes when it opens gate for public. I liked it!

Likes - 8 Comments 4 years 4 months ago
  • OB

    Its on the mall road near bundu khan. Just beside baig and co and Pakistan sports.

    4 years 4 months ago
  • OB

    Im heading to the city tonight. Whats good to eat other than butt ki karahi

    4 years 4 months ago
  • siduqureshi

    Try haji baba at lakshmi. You'll forget those butt shutt

    4 years 4 months ago