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sundus13 Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan


Likes - 0 Comments 9 months 2 weeks ago
hardstone Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

Likes - 0 Comments 1 year 5 days ago
Irsa_19762 Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan


I was on long drive last day.At Kala shah kaku i saw a bill board of Mcdonalds Italian burger.I felt like i should have it once.So i get in and ordered Italian burger with fries and cold drink. It gives a new look special sauce by setting it up.And a new good looking bun along with a grilled crispy hot chicken filet, caramelized grilled onions and a slice of processed white cheddar.I like the bun. It has a squishy soft feel to it with just a touch of saltish.The lone slice of cheese was superfluous. Chicken fillet was just awsum.I liked it overall.Moreover i tasted their Mcdonalds Nestea it was too good in flavour.

Likes - 1 Comments 4 years 3 weeks ago
  • OB


    4 years 3 weeks ago
shahroze Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

The Dream Came True

It's one year or a little more since it happened probably the best day of my life. Back then I used to order double Mac crispy almost every single day yes every day, they become so frequent that when ever I called then it went like this. Aslamualikum, the house address and are you shahroze I say yes and he says okay sir ap ka double Mac crispy extra cheese no lettuce large meal. Or much lain ge. I say no and order would arrive in 15 minutes. It was like I have a part of their family seriously. 5-6 days a week it was Macdonalds for me. The delivery boys became my Buddies and they even said even if some one places order before you we deliver it first to you. ^.^ Good days then one day as my routine would go I called them he repeated my order like it was lesson but suddenly said hold on the manager wants to talk to you. For a moment I thought they wanted to apologize that they could not deliver due to technical problems but the manger in a friendly tone like he too knew me for years said you are the top customer since two months and anything you order over 250 will be sent free to you and I was like really? And he said sir please don't hesitate to order, I ordered My usual meal 3 Mac flurry and 2 double fish o fillet and when the delivery boy came he said he had never ever seen this happen according to him I was there regularest customer haha. And according to him every one in the branch was aware of this person ordering a double Mac crispy. The other day I went and met the manager he took me in the kitchen for gupshup offered me tea and pie but I refused as if was tooooo much. Now it's being sooooo long I last ordered 2 months ago. And that day my family was like kanjoos Aj kese sab k leye burger leye hain. And they could not believe that it was all in 250. Ahhh the bestest day of my life. What more can foodie deserve for. Now this truly demands 10/10 :)

Likes - 6 Comments 4 years 1 month ago
  • ZubiaHassan

    nw ths is somethng WOW !!!

    4 years 1 month ago
  • jkbutt

    man you are connected

    4 years 1 month ago
  • shahroze

    Now you are embarrassing me Jkbutt.

    4 years 1 month ago
Khaao20 Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

Tastes of the World

So I was thinking about reviewing something new from a couple of months but graduation was near so couldn't find time.This one is detailed so for those who are in a rush read last few lines :) Coming to the point McDonald's has launched a promotional menu for the second time in Pakistan named Tastes of the World. Last time I tried French and the Turkish and I found them quite similar but again this time I was intrigued to check out since I am a big burger fan. For starters, the burger has a beef patty ( THERE IS NOTHING CALLED CHICKEN BURGERS). The patty was no different from the once offered in Big tasty. It had a buttery taste to it the one you get when u toast your bread with butter. So this taste might not seem right to few people. Secondly when I opened the burger there was hardly any sign of pickles, mayo and crunchy salad which is mentioned on the box. The patty was also on a bit dry side as I like my burgers to be juicy. All in all no difference in taste in patty except from the buttery flavor and since it was delivered so very little ingredients. Only thing good was that I was damn hungry and was not in a mood to fetch my food so I delivered this meal which helped me tone down my hunger. The Large Meal for this costed me 580.

Likes - 4 Comments 4 years 2 months ago
  • OB

    Yes burger chalet for gourmet beef burgers...and when you know burgers are beef then why would you even try a hardcore McDonalds fan but its all about Big Mac beef....Mcdonalds is the king of Plastic burgers ;)

    4 years 2 months ago
  • OB

    Oh sorry this is and my ADD :P

    4 years 2 months ago
  • AbsarKhan

    McDonalds tastes like raw cow.

    4 years 4 weeks ago
jkbutt Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

big tasty

in this frenzy to find the best burger we have forgotten big old mac all are into hardees rockets fat burger just eaten there big tasty beef burger deal have eaten it before butt reviewing it now and in my opinion if still not the best butt surely one of the best burger in town i enjoyed it much short review butt what more can i write abt it which is not written somwhere else

Likes - 11 Comments 4 years 4 months ago
  • Zaheer017_8426

    Big tasty is only burger in world i love in beef. Too much juicy

    4 years 4 months ago
  • masoodpervaiz

    mc Donalds still rules. see what burger king does to our taste buds.

    4 years 4 months ago
  • jkbutt

    4 years 4 months ago
thesociologist Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

Deserts & Drinks

Weffle with Strawberry and McFloat in Fanta taste awesome and really sparkles the mood....

Likes - 0 Comments 4 years 5 months ago
AyAz94 Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

Waste Of Money

I visits Y block McDonald's many times in routine and last time I tried their New item named chicken mcbites. It was my one of the worst experiance. Having just some pieces of simple chicken like chicken pop corn with some ordinary sauce for Rs 175 or 250 without having any drink is a total waste of money. Only higher class who just thinks where to spend money can eat that.... For me just a waste of money...

Likes - 2 Comments 5 years 10 months ago
  • Asadamin

    i also tried and find no special taste. Simple nuggets like taste. Rubbish.

    5 years 10 months ago
  • AyAz94

    Just a waste of money I would say

    5 years 10 months ago
hifsa Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan


the deals r quite good n they even change coffe foe tea if ask...the taste was quite yummy n yes its so nice to have a place where one can grab something for breakfast on way to office...

Likes - 9 Comments 5 years 6 months ago
  • umerhayat

    Great!! .. Thanks for the link

    5 years 5 months ago
  • OB

    Wooo. Nice! Finally!

    5 years 5 months ago
  • sherry

    Tried it it's pretty good love the hash browns !

    5 years 5 months ago
shahzadahmaf Posted a Review of McDonalds Pakistan

Fun For Kids

environment is good

Likes - 0 Comments 6 years 9 months ago
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