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Asadamin Posted a Photo of Lahore Cafeteria

mash daal

Likes - 3Comments
  • Asadaminconsidering my last visit to this place with per head cost of Rs 950, today i decided to visit this place again with two of my office collegues. Order mutton qorma, maash daal, two pea pallao, one shahi tukra, one triffle, three coke etc and total bill was Rs 1500 which means Rs 500 per head 3 years 5 months ago

  • AsadaminNow sad part, do not take triffle waste of money, only custard with some jelly slices. no fruits, no cake added. Rs 130 for few spoons of custard is total wastage of money. Shahi tukra was good as before and all of us liked it 3 years 5 months ago

  • AsadaminMash daal was just reasonable. nothing special. all three of us liked Pea Pallao excellent taste. Mutton Qorma was good. Food is expensive but they are taking money for sitting place, A/C etc. order one shami kabab and as per my collegues it was old and they return it. so not so good visit and both of them are making fun of me that i take them to this place. 3 years 5 months ago