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Friendly staff and great food

Sultans Wings - Review by NS

NS Posted a Review of Sultans Wings

Friendly staff and great food

Winter has a lot of things going for it. Long drives are at the top of the list. And what happens at the end? Well hungry tummies and restless children! So after driving around aimlessly for some time we ended up in Burlington without a clue about what and where to eat. tossdown app came to the rescue! A huge list of nearby halal restaurants popped up. We decided to give Sultans Wings and Kabob Shop a chance. A snug little (essentially) takeout place with meagre sitting and owners huge smiles greeted us as we entered. My children even got complementary french fries while we waited. On recommendation we tried their bbq and honey garlic wings which were crispy sweet and delicious. The chicken and beef rice platter had a nice fresh zing to it. Different from other Afghan places but worth a try. We also tried perakai which is naan bread stuffed with potatoes and yogurt sauce. The children dug into beef burger and crispiest of homestyle fresh fries. The owner and his wife kept checking in on us and made sure we were happy customers. Overall a pleasant experience that was enhanced by the humble place and its warmth.

Likes - 1 Comments 2 years 9 months ago
  • SR

    It's a great find ...

    2 years 9 months ago