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This Place Is So Fly

Wright Burgers - Review by OB

OB Posted a Review of Wright Burgers

This Place Is So Fly

The name was there for a year or so, wright burgers selling burgers say 8 or so burgers not bad but then nothing too exciting. Didnt hear much and and didn't hear good about the management, guess no motivation to go. Now comes the new management a family where the father is a former airforce pilot and his young ones helping him with their contemporary approach to business. They have expanded the menu to full fledged cafe and there I was with fingers crossed hoping to try it. We ordered the loaded fries (a type of poutine) had that great hakkah taste to it with local spices let me tell you absolutely amazing. The jalapeño beef burger was nice too with some nice curly fries to go with. Overall great food and amazing hospitality and honestly a decent enough place. Let's say if they don't give up people won't either. Keep up the good work!

Likes - 1 Comments 1 year 2 months ago