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Complaint - horrible Customer experience

From Nature Restaurant - Review by hisham86

hisham86 Posted a Review of From Nature Restaurant

Complaint - horrible Customer experience

Hi I have ordered from this restaurant for past 1month daily. I have called the restaurant at after 1.5 hrs from ordering to inquire about the food. The gentleman told me it is on the way, I asked the gentleman to pass on the "manager". I do not think he is the Manager, nor of competency of customer service or human interaction. He is rude, loud, not willing to listen but to himself. He started accusing me of creating problems and saying you are a liar and he hung up the phone on me and told me "we do not need you to keep working" "We are doing you a service to bring you the food (as if it is for free?!" "We cancelled your order and driver coming back" "You don't have to order from us" Although I tried to be objective and rational with him but he wouldn't stop attacking. Never order form there

Likes - 1 Comments 11 months 2 weeks ago