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Roll It Moe, Not

Big Moes Diner - Review by OB

OB Posted a Review of Big Moes Diner

Roll It Moe, Not

50s American diner, nothing intruiges me more. I've never actually lived in the states but something about the vintage America maybe the way it is glamourized in Hollywood movies just love everything about it. So here we have a diner right in my city, at emporium mall and that too none other than Big Moe's. But... Ok this is where it starts, the order taker/sales man. Guys you're in the hospitality business and it's a different ball game when you're selling. What's good and immediately they start selling you stuff that doesn't sell :) anyways we settled on their signature diner-mite burgers, they came and looked tall and everything from here went down hill. Dry patty, no condements as such, dry bun and that was an upscale burger we are talking about. Shit myself in the foot I guess and yes flat coke. I mean how could you not, it would be out of theme. Hardly any service and when I complained slightly they were awe-struck no reaction just vanished. :) and what was best was it was about rs. 1000 per pax :) So to say with a hot red Chevy parked, this is place to look at before they learn which business are they in? Interior of food. Disclaimer: I hardly write negative reviews but these guys really pushed me.

Likes - 1 Comments 12 months 3 weeks ago
  • khadeeja_30221

    even i tried their best burger which was recommended by them and it was awful.the interior is all what I found extra awesome!

    11 months 2 weeks ago