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Worse Customer Services and delivery services

Bread & Beyond - Review by

Posted a Review of Bread & Beyond

Worse Customer Services and delivery services

The order was placed at 10 am in the morning however at your servicing time the order was confirmed exactly at 12.00 pm today the order confirmation email is received an attached below still no one has delivered the cake, it was such a shame that a brand like you are exploiting your customers, upon contacting your customer support it was informed that the cake will take another 30 mins to be delivered, this the second instance faced by me. Last week i placed another order on 22.12.2017 the caked was delivered after two hours the excuse provided was that the dough of the ordered cake is not prepared, then after inquiring order was delivered with the same cake i mean what kind of attitude is this. For todays order i was being told that the order was delayed because two of the branch riders had met an accident. If you cant run the chain you should close it. This was the second time its has occurred which is not tolerable. I will take this matter to the social media and will expose the true face of your brand. Such a worse and pathetic experience.

Likes - 0 Comments 3 months 3 weeks ago