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Exclusive visit to kitchen @ Gun Smoke =)

Gun Smoke - Review by Rkhan

Rkhan Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Exclusive visit to kitchen @ Gun Smoke =)

Burgers at gun smoke are the yummiest burgers ever tried. This time again we tried Mexican and some whiskey burger (pardon me for not remembering the name, but that's what they name it) So, as usual we kept on discussing gun smoke and our visit to mini Mexico =p and that was the time we did not even realize when we were served and when we finished eating them all and in gossiping around we forgot to take pictures to upload on TossDown =S HOW COME??? that was the most dull part of the lunch. WE HAD TO UPLOAD PICTURES ON TD... **WHATSOEVER** My friends were so reluctant to ask them take pictures of the prepared meal before serving as they were supposed to be RUDE. but then I managed to ask them for the pictures, the manager not only helped in taking those pictures but also offered us to visit their kitchen. As you all can see the kitchen was not so Cowboyish =) such an organized, tidy and clean kitchen which we never expected. and esp of a surprize visit which shows that their kitchen is always like that They made us tasted other meals as well and explained what and how do they operate in kitchen. The experience, their welcoming attitude, and yummy Mexican sauce on our taste bud made us more Excited to visit them again next week.

Likes - 3 Comments 7 years 11 months ago
  • NS

    wow awesome! an added advantage of being a tossdown user...sneak peaks into our favorite restaurants kitchens :D woohoo great job tossdown!

    7 years 11 months ago
  • OB

    Wish we had more photos of the yummy burgers but ya kitchen is not bad too :)

    7 years 11 months ago
  • Rkhan

    the review can have only 5 pics thats why making your wish come true now uploaded more in images =)

    7 years 11 months ago