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Big *ss Burgers!!

Gun Smoke - Review by subby

subby Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Big *ss Burgers!!

I've been going to Gun Smoke for over a year and it has never failed to satisfy my appetite and my taste buds! As soon as you go in you are greeted by Desi Cowboys who show you to your seat and take your order. The service is pretty fast i don't remember ever waiting longer than 10 minutes for all the times I've been there. Up till a few months back the prices were pretty reasonable and it was about 550-575 for any one of the ginormous burgers with a drink (tax included). It was only on my last trip that i realized the prices have shot up quite a bit (700 + tax for a burger and drink :/ and 1200 for a lousy steak :/). As far as the taste is concerned, it is awesome, the beef burgers (I've never tried chicken except the gourmet) are exquisite, Perfectly done and large enough to satisfy anyone. They use quite a liberal amount of cheese on the Grilled Mushroom burger though they could be more liberal with the mushrooms as well :/ mine hardly had 10 sliced mushrooms on it. The blue diner is quite good though i like mine without the onions. Apart from those two I've tried the "extra spicy" or maybe it was the "extra hot" but it didn't live up to its name and wouldn't get a recommendation from me. The 5 Alarm on the other hand is nice but there is nothing special about it. I've tried the Gourmet burger in chicken and it was pretty bad ass!! They've changed the menu as well recently, there used to be a salsa burger or Mexican burger, i can't remember the name but it was pretty good. Its not on the menu anymore and that's a bummer! The sitting area is quite good and you get your own mini TVs to watch. You'll find old wild west movie posters, all-you-can-eat-free-peanuts, cattle skulls, guns and other things you might encounter in a western themed eating area. The waiters as always are pretty rude but that's part of the whole western setting. In short, awesome burgers but quite overpriced!!!!

Likes - 0 Comments 6 years 6 months ago