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Love- That only keeps growing!

Gun Smoke - Review by NBg

NBg Posted a Review of Gun Smoke

Love- That only keeps growing!

I wasn’t much of a burger fan until almost a decade ago I had one at Gun Smoke, and since then um hooked. This is actually the only place I go have burgers by choice-Any day! It’s just so remarkable how this place is up and serving for so long, unchanged. The food, ambiance, their unique cow-boy culture…everything is still rocking and never fails to thrill over and over again despite so many similar restaurants budding in the city since then. Gun Smoke really scores high on consistency. The Grilled Mushroom Burger and the Whiskey River Burger (both Beef and Chicken) are G.R.E.A.T! I’m somehow more inclined toward beef, when it comes to burgers and Gun Smoke do them BEST! The patty is absolutely tender, scrumptious…. The veges so crunchy…the buns undoubtedly fresh… the oozing sauces r tantalizing… and of course the crispy fries are a truly justifying companion. OK. having said that, I have to confess that strangely enough, I’ve never tried their steaks, though I’ve always heard so high of them. Every time I decide to go have a steak @ Gun Smoke, I end up feeling guilty placing an order ;) (it’s just so hard to cheat on the Burgers here) :P But I can vouch for their steaks too- u think they can ever go wrong??? Neah! ;) Gun Smoke just revitalizes my emotions by all means :) The association goes a long way, so no matter what their standard even after another decade, the gift of my loyalty is a promise! :)

Likes - 0 Comments 6 years 10 months ago