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A treat for ur taste buds and dumba meat lovers

Namak - Review by rasikh

rasikh Posted a Review of Namak

A treat for ur taste buds and dumba meat lovers

Wow,,,well writing this review is mouth watering too... if u r a dumba lover and into to authentic Pakhtoon eateries....this is the place to be...as my secondary schooling is from mingora, swat and before that as my father is very fond of traveling so i had chance to have the authentic meals like the original charsi's tikka from pishawar and , kebabs from takht bai, and mishaal karh, khunzaakhays (homemade) ...wel getting back to point...last week i insisted few friends of mine to visit this place.... we waited long for the floor sitting area (for stags) which in in basement to be vacant but it was all occupied... so we placed the order.. that was namkeen dumba karahi , nakeen seekh tikka and one and half plate f chappali kebab (means 6 pieces).... the food had some time to be served so .....i ordered qahwa, i believe in having qahwa before meal as its anti oxidant and activates the digestive enzymes..the qehwa they serve is amazing with the most soft delicate and hot gulab jamuns (one with each cup)...if u know the actual way of qahwa...our pakthtoon wroars (brothers) they have a piece of gurr (in some areas) in their mouth and they sip qahwa, they dont add sugar to the qahwa directly so take a bite of gulab jamun and sip qahwa wow.....while we were done with wahwa the food arrived.....well we were so hungry by that time that in mid of food it occurred to em that i have to take pics for my bro and foodie ''OB''...hehehe...so i took the pics....well the kebabs were authentic with that ''mikh or bone marrow'' as topping and the thickness taste and texture was awesome...traditional chappal kebabs....the namkeen tikka ..which has no marination just a had full sprinkle of salt time to time while on skewers was perfectly grilled and juicy from inside...the quantity was 800 grams, and the karahiiiiiiiiiii.......ahhhhhhhh...the karahi...dumba done to perfection not the trace of stench and smell left in it and the traditional spices used by that area...means..no red pepper over coming the taste of meat...and u feel the original taste...the best part is.. ppl who had a chance to dine in that area (KPK) will be knowing that they dont over cook the food like we do in punjab so its on the tougher side..secondly dumba meat is a little tougher then the teddy bakras we get in restaurants...thats why the size of the meat pieces they cut is accurate to have one piece in one bite..and it was done in the same manner... and what to tell about naan... The shehanshahi naan....was real Shhanshahi...it was so thick yet so tender and soft... while beating they mix a little date syrup, olive oil eggs etc etc in it...and trust me its the naan u never had before...we were 5 ppl all with good appetites and it was so big that we just had to order one small regular naan in the end and that too was half left....the best part of the whole deal is that its not heavy on ur stomach at all .... Now u people gonna ask for the prices.?????????? Lamb karahi full Rs.1090 Namkeen Tikka Full Rs. 1090 chappal kebabs full plate Rs 450 shahanshahi naan Rs 160 Qahwa with gulab jamun Rs 70 each cup the gulam jamuns were so soft that i ve decided to call them ''Gulab Jaaneman'' from now on wards..the total bill was around 3900 for 5 ppl.... Now the drawbacks...there is only one i found....the time we went there there was no electricity and their generator supported only one AC per floor / hall at a time and the light came after 2 hours...so it was hot....i called the management numerous times and told them on a serious note that they need to have a generator that supports all AC as i was not willing to take the lame excuse of lead shedding....everyone knows its there and they should eb prepared as they r charging good money...the positive thing was ...they accepted their mistake and apologized... the furniture is not that common tiny chairs..they are of pure solid wood and heavy and are very comfy.... overall its a must try experience.....

Likes - 2 Comments 6 years 10 months ago
  • Umairch_813

    Absolutely spot on Rasikh bhai! This place is the Bomb when it comes to Northern food in Lahore. Even Namak Mandi in Gulberg can't compare. Btw reading about your bad experiences at Roasters etc, bhai ya tu aap ghalat din or ghalat waqt per pohanchtay ho ya phir qismat hi aisi hae. :D ;)

    6 years 10 months ago
  • rasikh

    Hahaha...brother its the fact even if i visit to other cities and my hosts take me to the best dining places...and not always but most of the time i hear my host saying '' sir yaqeen karain iska khana bohot acha hota hey. aaj he pata nahi is ko kia maout pari hey''.......and the namak mandi in gulberg is talked about....i used to work for Shell Pakistan as area sale manager and i used to visit truck stand (old sabzi mandi badami bagh) the owner of sarhad hotel jamshed khan has a hotel there which is still there by the way.....he took start from there and i ve been dining there since 2002 and yes i agree consistency is a great problem...... but still if u wanna have some authentic dumba namkeen tikka ..its still the place to be....flat 800 Rs / kg..no matter u get it in karahi or grill.....and charpais ...not a family place...u can read it in my old reviews too....

    6 years 10 months ago