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Luscious in its Simplicity

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant - Review by NBg

NBg Posted a Review of Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

Luscious in its Simplicity

Everyone living in Riyadh, no matter what nationality or age, is undoubtedly familiar with the very famous, Turkish Assaraya Restaurant, which has been serving up for decades now and probably never met a period of stagnation since then. The traffic clogged on the Thalateen Street, Olaya, is where the restaurant is located ? Simple! Their interior has been going through a constant up-lift since the first time I went there as a kid and over twenty years it has emerged as an elegant, well-kept place while maintaining the homey aura with dining compartments greeting through the graceful drapery, lit beautifully with small chandeliers brightening-up the long dining tables. However dining areas are a little congested to move around. I’m particularly fond of their naturalistic rockeries made at several places on both the floors. Pleasant! Also, the idea of having a TV hall for kids is commendable! The little-ones hence are attracted to one particular area having the colorful kids’ furniture, bean-bags, cartoon images on walls & non-stop cartoon films- keeping them from being a nuisance around the restaurant. Now if I only restrict myself to the last happenstance which followed by a hectic shopping spree, late at night, it was yet another nostalgic one! The manager welcomed us himself warmly and directed to the suitable compartment for a single family. The order-taker followed right after with menu books. Jumping to order immediately, being very very hungry, we ordered their Mixed Grilled Platter for the family, Mixed Salad, a Shawerma platter, a separate Hummus with Meat and Saudi Champagnes. The Mixed Salad plate along with their trademark bread was served soon after. Now I would like to assure that Assaraya Turkish has the BEST tasting salad platter since their Baba Ghanoush(smoked egg-plant cold speciality) is what no other place serves better. I can say that safely since I did try it at a dozen other similar restaurants over yrs. Just the right tang, minimal olive oil, hint of garlic and fresh tomatoes etc. MY FAV! Tabouleh (fresh parsley and wheat grains salad)-refreshing! Mutabbal (also egg-plant based,with yogurt) delicious! Hummus as always, veryyy nice..specially the one served with meat, we were skeptical ordering, turned-out excellent! I stuffed myself with salad and bread, but I did NOT regret, I totally loved it! The sight of “All Meat Platter” however pulled my attention as soon as it was placed on the table. Everything from the Meat Kabobs, Chops, Boneless Chicken pieces, Beef Pieces, looked succulent due to the hot fresh greasy glaze on every piece. With meat I always prefer the thin slices of pita bread lying in the base of this dish since it contains all the flavors dripping down to it. I must say, flawlessly grilled meat!!!! Super fresh, juicy, flavorsome, specially the chops. Excellent marination of chicken n beef both. Great stuff! The Shawerma platter was ofcourse yummy! As good as their shawermaz we can get on-the-go from their take-away area. Very tasty! Now with this rich meal, Saudi Champagne is what does justice to us. Revitalizes blissfully, to say the least! It’s actually the Apple Cider with seasonal fruits dipped in it, each adding its individual flavor to it along with some mint for that special zest! Gosh! I miss… So now with all the details I wrote, I realize how filling and healthy the meal actually is, almost everything grilled and fresh, yet totally appetizing. With so much to nibble upon, this place is light on the pocket too. Very reasonable comparatively! My all-time favorite and a MUST-TRY for every Riyadh-ian!

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