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Food Items in Gujranwala

Gujranwala - Review by Asadamin


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Food Items in Gujranwala

This review is about my experiances of eating in Gujranwala. Following are my recommendations.

1) Tikka. Gujranwala is famous for its tikka. There are different names. Shahbaz Tikka on GT Road is famous but i dont like its taste. Its more famous and less taste and quality. I tried other places for Tikka but the place which i like most is Nasir Tikka in Model Town, Gujranwala. Place is crowded at night. Its speciality is Mutton Nali BBQ. Large piece of mutton nalli which is made in shape of Tikka. I tried many times and loved it. If you wanted to eat good authentic BBQ, Nasir Tikka is place to go. After Nasir Tikka go to Allah Rakha tikka inside city which is near Sialkoti Phattak. His Mutton Nalli, chops are good but i would recommend Nasir Tikka in night.

2) Other thing which i like about gujranwala in respect of food is white Qorma dish. I dont know the hotel but people of Gujranwala certainly know. The dish is very very tasty and speciality of Gujranwala. You can ask any local person to bring that dish. Also ask him to bring Matangan from same hotel. Its basically Zarda but much more things are added in Matangan such as Khoya etc etc.

3) Gujranwala is famous for payee also. Some people like Ghani payee but i would recommend payaee from Khyber hotel. Tried many times and find the taste good. Khyber hotel is famous hotel located on Lari Adda of Gujranwala. He slaughter its own animals. His mutton qorma is also good. Payee are available in morning and taste is good. His Daal is also good and good combination with Mutton Qorma.

4) Salman Sweets if famouts sweet shop in Gujranwala and taste is great. No match with any shop in lahore. So much variety. Located in Model Town C Block.

5) One place which you should try is Meer Bakers located in Model Town Market. Its Chicken Patties is good but only good when freshly prepared. Ask any local person to bring patties only when they are freshly baked.

6) Halwa puri is good from Daal Bazar Market. Shop is small but taste is very good. You should take some local person with you so that he should take you to authentic shop. There are many shops and only local person know where to go.

7) You can take some local person and go to Rahwali to eat Kulfi. Many shops are now open and all claim to be genuine Kulfi.

Its my observation that people of gujranwala eat more than people of lahore. In lahore we have large variety of food but in gujranwala there are less variety but they eat more. They like desi dishes and dont like Pizza burger etc.

  • jkbuttYou are lucky my friend whenever I went there disaster there went to paradise on your review nothing special machli boti quality was good butt didn't get the taste too bland for me 2 years 3 months ago

  • AsadaminSorry brother. I can only say that taste varies on person to person. Try there biryani some day. If you want spicy mutton joints try khan baba joints. I posted review of Halwa puri and after comments i tried Jajii Pehlwan in Ghalib market but puri was too much oily. I also try Sadiq on Shama chowk but again to much oily and channa were without taste. Taste depends on person to person 2 years 3 months ago

  • AsadaminBut good thing about this site is we come to know different food items. I tried BBQ in Model Town C Block after review and found good. I recommend you to go to Kala and eat Desi Murgh Shorba. lets see what is your response. 2 years 3 months ago

  • rasikhi agree nasir tikka is better, shahbaz is just a name now, there is one halwa puri person who sell ''aatay ki poorian'' in sialkoti darwaza too, really amazing puris bu the chana quality has deteriorated since the owned passed away and his son runs the business now, in sweets salman sweets is good too and baba sweets is not bad either, but gujranwala, wazeerabad and kasur are top choices when it comes to regular mithai, meer bekrs (if i m not wrong) were the first to start the scooped icecream in gujranwala with loads of yummy toppoings but with the passage of time their quality went down too , will try their patties though, 2 years 3 months ago

  • AsadaminI dont know why but the taste which we get in childhood is no more there. Its problem with me also. May be we have eaten from so much places and have so much choices that no taste appeals to us so much. May be too much choices are also not good. 2 years 3 months ago

  • rasikhingredients brother ingredients, they are not as pure and good as they were in our childhood, it matters a lot, and there was less commercialization and even lesser competition, even thn there was ver good quality food in those days, now there is so tough competition so many options and yet even the most trusted places can be tricky 2 years 3 months ago

  • shahrozeI am sorry if you did not like there puris of jajji phelwan did u try their keema kachori and how was the halwa and chanee ? 2 years 3 months ago

  • jkbuttI agree taste varies that desi murgh shorba on my hit list the timing a little odd for me 8 in the morning looking for some killer payas in Lahore any suggestions 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadamintried kachuri and find good nothing wrong with them 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadaminfor desi murgh shorba only tip is hot kulcha do not take cold nan ask waiter to bring or wait when kulca arrives do tell owner that you come from far away to eat and require special service 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadaminplace looks funny so much rush and plenty of people standing to take breakfast around owner from far away its looks like there is road accident and people have gathered around motor cycle person rush inside sitting place also 2 years 3 months ago

  • jkbuttYou know this is common the rush in these kind of places butt believe me if the taste is good I enjoy the hustle bustle the dirty plates the Shor and getting your order first well asad you in medical profession or mkt dept that is only way you could explore sadiqabad to gujrnwala butt bcz of you we get to know places we would never know plus everybody knows mm alam road stuff these are the real gems you exploring 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadamini am in audit department of a bank due to which i have to travel all punjab. in past travel to Karachi peshawar pindi islamabad abbotabad and many small places of sarhad would love to see places of interior sindh and its food also would love to go kashmir and quetta our food variety is great so many tasty dishes all Pakistan i pray that there should be peace in Pakistan so we could see places all over Pakistan. 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadamini also wish to see food of Muslim world would love to eat there traditional dishes like turkey Egypt Spain marakish etc i feel that Muslims have greater variety than other nations 2 years 3 months ago

  • Ahmed8Spain now a days is not part of the muslim world you hardly find any halal food there. 2 years 3 months ago

  • naqi74hi guys kindly inform me where is this person kala desi murgh shorba wala work and this spicy joint by khan baba. where is the location? i would also like to know the story about this machli wali boti and where you can find it? 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadaminkala murgh shorba is available in sundays. its in Islampura and one of my all time hit. You travel from Chowk of MAO College into islampura. After some distance there is bahadur khan naan seller. Continue your travel after 200 Meters there is turning in right side of street. Ask any local person is famous. you have to reach at 08:00 AM other wise desi murgh would be finished 2 years 3 months ago

  • AsadaminKhan baba joints are in Chowburgi all time hit hotel for desi food. his joints, mutton pallo, mutton naan, mutton qorma, karahi, all food items are great cooked in desi ghee but heavy. you must be empty stomach 2 years 3 months ago

  • AsadaminMachli wali botti is basically joint portion of mutton. very tasty. You can find in three places. First Ghulam Sabir chanee wala in Neela Gumbad. Ask from any person. Its in street after few yards from UBL where medical equipment sells. Others place is on hall road ask from any person where manna chanee wala is . When you are travelling on hall road from enterance of mall road, after few meters, road is turining on left in street and same street goes back to mall road. its machli botti is very good, Third place is miraj deen chanee wala in gulberg also good mutton boti nearl jalal sons 2 years 3 months ago

  • jkbuttif you want to really eat top class mutton machli boti then look no further then manna channe wala hall road the quality of the mutton is top notch 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadaminyes i eat on saturday. Cost Rs 660 for chanee and mutton machli botti. But every penny spend make me happy. If i would have eaten KFC i would be scolding my self why wasted so much money on stupid burger with small chicken piece. The machli botti was enough for two people. Take as much chaneey as you like. Quality of meat was excellent. 2 years 3 months ago

  • jkbuttand he is the only one who also has real desi murgh and real desi eggs baki people are serving desi murgh clones bcz i come from a an agriculturist backcground so i know desi from angreezi lol 2 years 3 months ago

  • naqi74Have you people tried Machli ki boti, Bari Chanp ki Boti our double Puth from Taj Mutton Chaney Montgomery Road along with his chaney. Please try that, I have tried Manna, Ghulam Rasool and Meeraj Din but the size and quality of meet surpass all of them. Don't go on the appearance of the shop just tell him machli ke sab se achi boti and go upstairs. Also order separate plate of chaney with spoon because you will love to finish it. There is only one negative thing with Taj, he has rabri Naan, otherwise quality and taste of chaney I rate him way above Ghulam Rasool of Neela Gunbad. 2 years 3 months ago

  • Asadaminthanks now same point is on my hit list. i would definately try and increase my colestrol :) 2 years 3 months ago

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