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Unexpectedly Best

Ole - Review by Zaheer017_8426

Zaheer017_8426 Posted a Review of Ole

Unexpectedly Best

Went to cone heads as heard of opening but its gina open on 22 sep. Wandering any other place for dinner. Opted out of ole in dha z block. Have pretty good previous experience at ole. I was accompanied by my family specially my mother so food should be perfect or other wise i was one to blame haha . Ordered ole special chicken. Stuffed chicken with teragon. Chicken fajita . Fish and chips. Fajita was awesome spicy and authentic taste. Stufed chicken was one of kind yummy. Ole chicken was speciality with 2 sauces and ample quantity. Fish and chips were of high grade as fish used was red snapper. We were served margaritas as on house. Tossdown discount and we got a bill for 4 enteres as 3200 rs only. Awesome food and ambience , do try for continental food

Likes - 0 Comments 3 years 6 months ago