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Tried its Deal

KFC Pakistan - Review by Asadamin

Asadamin Posted a Review of KFC Pakistan

Tried its Deal

One day i was returning from Islamabad to Lahore on Motorway with my family. One one inter change it was time for lunch. i stop at interchange where KFC is located on motorway. right next to KFC was some hotel for afghan and Pakistani food. I tried to convince my kids that we would go to Pakistani food hotel and eat karahi daal sabzi etc with roti. They said no papa we want to go to KFC to eat Burgers. I had to listen to my kids as i am a briller papa :) Previously fathers were like Desi Murgh Papa, would not listen to any body, ready to beat kids all time etc etc. Now a days all men are like briller chicken. So even i do not like KFC i take my kids to them. order their deal in which four chicken pieces four zinger burger, 1.5 liter pepsi was given in box. some round shape bread and some mini mars. price i think Rs 1200 or 1500 i do not remember. As expected KFC was farigh as always. Chicken pieces full of oil. my kids are small. they hardly eat half burger each and left half burger. Three chicken pieces were also left which we take with us at home. one thing which i like is 1.5 liter Pepsi fully chilled.

Likes - 2 Comments 3 years 4 months ago
  • Asadamin

    some time tossdown goes in hibernation mode. i am trying to upload picture both through web and mobile but picture is not being loaded. i would try to post it later

    3 years 4 months ago
  • masoodpervaiz

    that place is bamian not pure afghani.

    3 years 4 months ago