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Hidden Gem

Park Lane (Park Plaza Hotel) - Review by shahmed


Hidden Gem

Must say its amazing hidden gem of Lahore. Didnt expect such variety of menu specially deserts and salads, or a high quality as this. Mainly I think its because 90 percent other diners were foreigners so quality control is strict. Enjoyed buffet dinner - menu changes - during my visit had two types of soup, two rice, chicken 4 dishes, 1 beef, 1 fish, 1 mutton, 1 daal, 1 sabzi. 6 types of salads, 3 international bread loaves, local roti and naan, almost dozen desserts including tiny sized local treats and usual custards, jellies, pastries, and brownies. oh yes and also tea (kashmiri, green tea etc. are included) Live music is available, musician agreed to play songs on request. Best part : ambience. cant put more in words. asked for hot items/fresh items from kitchen instead of buffet. in 1 min fresh items were provided on table. wait staff is polite and helpful. In around 1500rs per head you get a totally peaceful environment with high quality food away from rush of MM Alam rd.

Likes - 2 Comments 4 years 7 months ago
  • hellofahad

    For that amount i would highly recommend La-Attrium or Alferado the Grill.

    4 years 7 months ago
  • Cuckoo63

    Hitea: The Hitea is exceptionally good. However, the website information is totally misleading, showing Rs. 599 for the Hitea, whereas the actual amount was Rs. 900 Tax.

    1 year 6 days ago