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A Step Back in Time

Lahore Cafeteria - Review by RoghanJosh

RoghanJosh Posted a Review of Lahore Cafeteria

A Step Back in Time

As you step into this place you get this aura that I may have stepped into another era. We live at a time where the majority's definition of taste has been reduced an amalgam of oil and spice. I remember a few of my Indian friends complaining - when they visited Lahore-that food in Pakistan isn't spicy enough for them, I didn't understand them, until I found out the meaning of spice on a trip to Dehli n Bombay. Trust me it hurts at both ends. Coming back to the place, what initially stood out was the level of simplicity. You can pick a platter or a Buffet at lunch time. Ordering is quite simple and yes you get a token when you order. I tried Mutton Qourma (very nicely prepared Qourma), Palak Gosht, Shami Kababs, White Curry Chicken and Mataar Pulao and topped it off Shahi Tukray (not so nicely done: Shahi Tukray). The Food brought back memories of Gulberg Kabana to life. I must say all the items - other than the Shahi Tukray of course- were quite good and had nice freshly prepared taster to them. I like cafe feel to the place, but I doubt that it will do well, because of retrogression is our general taste level. I feel foodies, especially who have an appreciation for versatility in cuisine will welcome this place as a valued addition. Afterall, variety is the real spice of life.

Likes - 0 Comments 3 years 12 months ago