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Time for some food loving

Le Baobab Gouygi 2 - Review by NS

NS Posted a Review of Le Baobab Gouygi 2

Time for some food loving

Forgive me for I have sinned! I just realized the world does not know of my love for Watan Kabob. This is one place that never disappoints. And that in itself says a lot! Consistency in the food business does not come that easily around here. The newly renovated decor is pleasing, comfy and practical. The service is super quick and efficient. And the food is delicious!! Their spicy half chicken platter, Kabob platters, and boneless chicken platters are sure hits! Their crispy, mouthwatering flat breads/Naans are a treat! The red and white zesty sauces and crunchy fresh salads brilliantly compliment the food. This time we wanted to try another dish, chicken korma. There was some confusion and that order took a lot more time. The management was in turn too kind. They gave us a refund and insisted that we take the dish too. Such generosity willl go a long way in maintaining loyal customers. I know because I sure am one!

Likes - 0 Comments 2 years 7 months ago