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Kiasu Posted a Review of The Flyin' Bread

nice food

This is one of my favourite places to take away chicken and beef flyers...they freshly make it for you and is tempting and mouthwatering....price wise is also not too can cost you from $1.50 skewers to $4 ... More

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 11 months ago
EatingMonster Posted a Review of The Flyin' Bread

skewers and rolls

313 somerset is one of the most popular places these days...not just for shopping but if you happen to visit the food hall, most of the times, you will have to que up, must over the weekends, even for the small stalls li ... More

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 12 months ago
SK_580 Posted a Review of The Flyin' Bread

amazing kebabs

This is the one of the few places though take away only which are serving not only halal but hot kebabs for making chicken flyer, beef flyer there and then....they look yummy, taste yummy and are just nice....wish they c ... More

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 4 weeks ago

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