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Zakir Tikka

Zakir Tikka

Pakistani Restaurant
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Zaheer017_8426 Posted a Review of Zakir Tikka

Malai tikka

New Addition to Johar town. Zakir Tikka on Khokhar chowk Awesome food as always, delivers to whole of johar town. Malai tikka and kabab masala. their pulum chatney is to die for

Likes - 0 Comments 4 years 7 months ago
umer143 Posted a Review of Zakir Tikka

aallaa seekh kabab

awsome juicy kababs not much expensive . i was at faisal town moon market branch..then i saw zakir tikka here also .they are famous with the name of almashoor cantt zakir tikka. sach main pait bhar gaya :)

Likes - 0 Comments 4 years 6 months ago
Umairch_813 Posted a Review of Zakir Tikka

Kebabs hell yeah! :D

Today while coming back from Hyperstar after doing our groceries, my family decided to have dinner outside. The decision went in favour of Zakir Tikka as it was the nearest place for what we wanted to have, good old desi BarBQ. Now to Lahoris living in the cantonment & DHA regions, Zakir is a familiar name. This place holds & commands the same fierce loyalty in the denizens of these parts as Sidique & Bhaiya do in the residents(including mon familia) of Model Town & it's surrounding localities or Hot'n'Spicy in DHA. First the ambiance & environs. Zakir is located on Allaudin Road in cantt close to Rahat Bakers & next door to a Samba Bank branch. The decor etc is nothing to write home about & is minimalist functionality at it's peak. Formica toped tables & comfy cushioned wooden chair which frankly looked like army mess chairs (probably auctioned off) with a garish pink paint on the walls. It is the food which is the star here, so let's get to reviewing the important part. The menu show cased everything from the BBQ, Tawa & Karahi items they are known for to the ubiquitous desi chinese & burger offerings which every restaurant now thinks it must offer. 0_o Ignoring the rest we came to the desi sections. Everything on the menu looked tempting. The takatak/tawa section was replete with the usual mix takatak, gurday & aho, Brain Masala, boneless chicken hara tawa masala, tawa chops & tawa chicken pieces alongside a tawa fried naan. The Bbq section had the usual chicken, beef mutton seekh kebabs, tikka botis, chops & pieces. The karahis are in the 'Our Specialty' section & are made with butter. We ended up ordering a plate each of chicken & beef seekh kebabs (6 pcs each), 3 chicken breast piece tikkas for the parents & younger brother & one chicken breast tawa piece for me along with the requisite naan/khamiri roti (we ordered naans but their naans resemble khamiri rotis) chatney & raita The kebabs both beef & chicken were out of this world. Spiced just right & melt in the mouth even after a good 30 minutes of serving unlike the offerings at other places which tend to go rubbery as soon as they get cold. I enquired about the reason for this & was told that they put some butter into the mince just befor grilling. This justified the higher than usual price for the kebabs (250 chicken, 150 beef) The family happily announced their approval of the tika pieces which I was told were perfectly cooked & spiced. My tawa chicken piece serving was large enough that I could share it with the rest of the family. The chicken was cooked well, soft & falling off the bone. They had made it extra spicy, with extra masala with the extra ginger I asked for but forgot the green chilies which I'd requested be liberally used (only sore point for me). The tawa was a hit & the rest also wished they had ordered it instead of their brilliant tikka pieces. This just shows how good their tawa is, even better than Cuckoos (which I've had plenty of times.) The stars of the evening were the tangy yoghurt chilli chutney (too bad they had just run out & served us only half a bowl), the podina raita(which we orderd in lieu of the chutney) and the rotis. Soft, fluffy, pillowy & hot out of the tandor. They were so good I just wanted to keep eating the roti with the raita & chutney! :-) The presentation was as the presentation is at such places simple & functional ie just the food no trimmings nothing but who's complaining. Like I said before at such places the food is the star & it shone brilliantly at Zakir Tika tonight. All in all the whole meal set us back by about Rs1,100, which considering the quality of the food is not bad at all rather a bargain I'd say. One thing I'd definitely like to try at my next visit here would be their chicken & mutton karahis of which I've heard good nay great things. Too bad they are cooked in butter & it was dinner time otherwise would have definitely gone for their Brain Masala & either of the karahi options. Their menu lists a second branch in DHA & there is also a Zakir Tika in Faisal Town with exactly the same styling claiming to be their outlet (I'll have to confirm that). One thing I can definitely say wrt the kebabs is that they are excellent & IMHO even beat Bbq Tonite interms of taste thus illustrating that great taste & quality need not be expensive (already illustrated by Gourmet Restaurant vs SnP). All in all a place worth visiting again.

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 6 months ago
BIK Posted a Review of Zakir Tikka

No Title

Whatever, Zakir Tikka on Sarwar Road i Cantt gives about the best BBQ in town. Those who have not tried have missed something special.

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 5 months ago
NS Posted a Review of Zakir Tikka

Three cheers 4 kasturi!

I have not had the chance to dine in at Zakir Tikka yet. But I have had the good fortune to gobble down some of its food from takeaway. My most recent encounter was with its chicken kebaab and chicken kasturi. The kasturi was moist chicken boti topped with just the right amount of exquisite spices and herbs. Each bite made me want more. I didn't pay much attention to the chicken kebaab after what I has just gone through. However the kebaab does deserve its fair share of applause. So if you are ever looking to grab a good, quick, BBQ dinner, Zaakir Tikka is the place for you. Psst...I hear they have great chicken karahi too.

Likes - 0 Comments 9 years 7 months ago

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