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Wholesale Ordering Solution for Food Manufacturers and Distributors

Automate your B2B Ordering and tracking through secure and scalable technology platform. 

Field Salesforce Ordering & Tracking

Streamline your B2B Wholesale Ordering by automating retailer ordering.

Efficient Retailer Ordering

Provide tools directly to your B2B retail customers for ease of ordering. Real time deals and promotions notifications through the portal will encourage customers to order in a timely manner.

24 x 7

Your B2B order taking never stops! Retailers are able to order for the required products at anytime of the day without any dependancy on the field sales representative.

Fast and Easy Setup

Configure your product catalogue without any technical dependancy. Quick setup and Go Live through an easy to use ordering platform.

Data Analytics

With the help of tossdown B2B solutions, your business is able to easily measure and evaluate the sales effectiveness, marketing campaigns, inventory turns, client engagement, and client sales effectiveness.

Direct Retailer Ordering

Let your B2B customer order directly from your online portal without any hassle or dependancy on the field sales representative.

  • Quick Product Search
  • Easy Ordering and Fast Checkout
  • New & Upcoming Product Alerts

Field Salesforce Ordering

Enable your salesforce with latest tools (web and apps) to search products, promotions and customer notes for on-the-fly order creation on behalf of their customer accounts.

Salesforce Tracking

Track your field salesforce in real-time and help them increase their productivity for better results.

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