Franchise inventory management system from tossdown

Automate your franchise operations

Our franchise management technology solution will help you automate franchise registration and internal ordering processes.


Our Franchise Management technology solution will help you automate franchise registration.

Accelerate growth

The franchise network expands as infrastructure for franchisee recruitment, training and support for franchisees is developed professionally and powered by reliable technology.

Reduce operational errors

A singular franchise portal reduces operational errors related to bulk ordering, pending deliveries and invoices. Franchise can focus more on growing rather than wasting time on operational issues.

Satisfied franchisee

Your franchisee is your brand ambassador. Easy operations, professional trainings and continued support from the franchisor ensures success of the franchisee resulting in accelerated growth.

Lower operations costs

Reduce operational expenses and procurement costs by consolidated ordering from suppliers. Volume buying ensures better purchase rates and dedicated customer services from the suppliers.


Generate your own reports and enhance the visibility of your business statistics to ensure everything is better positioned when responding to changing market conditions. Analyze and understand your franchisee performance through visual reports.


Franchisee order management

Provide easy to use ordering platform to your franchisee. A scalable technology platform that consolidates all communication, business promotions, news & events and bulk ordering to all related vendors.

  • Register new franchisee quickly
  • Set ordering limits
  • Define rules and credit for pending invoices

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