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rasikh Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

A Refresher of old times....

Out of a friend's house me and my family were craving for something sweet.... so we decided to hit something close to that place, and it was hot spot DHA.. As it was weekend so the place was jam packed, my wife always goes for what the traditional name is cake alaska, what they call there ''hot chocolate fudge'', i got myself in the que (if there was any)... with only one counter serving to take the orders ... the order was placed and i was told that it will take ten minutes. I took my family upstairs, and we sat waiting... the decor is nice with some good lighting making the place comfy . The walls are all covered with the ''filmy stuff'' from oldies to the recent some of it was informative ... like i never knew that the movie ''maula jutt' was premiered in London too'' hehehe... The most irritating things they ve is the seating.. with some wooden benches (i think stolen from Race Course or Model Town Park) and with very little space to get in to the last seat if u ve to sit on a 4 persons table.. Anyhow, an attendant came and asked what our order was, upon telling we were informed that its ready ( i think they should give numbers or tokens like hardees does as its stupid that i was interrupted while talking with family twice , as a different persons came to ask about what my order was) The food review goes Madagascar Mud cake (my choice) it was amazing, with amazing richness and taste of coffee , sweetened to perfection the way i like (not much of a sweet tooth) and with an Oreo Vanilla Oreo (for the kids) i took a bite of it and i was kust okay, nothing special about it Hot Fudge Chocolate (wife's choice) it was the thinnest brownie slice i v ever seen, with a scoop of ice cream on top and some hot syrup, totally unattractive .... my wife took a bite and was not happy with it at all specially the hot syrup, i took a bite and i had the same opinion i took the plate to the counter and asked for additional hot syrup. and at the end what they poured was not hot at all, the only think hot was the browines which was soft and well baked overall this dish was a waste, by the time the process was done and i took the plate to my wife it was like a brownie bed trying to float the molten scoop of ice cream on the grave of molten ice cream and NOT HOT SYRUP... The worst part was the seating we literally wanted to gulp the scoops and get the hell out of those TORTURE BENCHES.... so so uncomfortable. Now the price, the mud cake and hot fudge costed 290 each and vanilla oreo 160 There is nothing special that gonna take me back to that place as far ice creams are concerned ... other then if i ve to take away the mud cake..

Likes - 0 Comments 6 years 1 month ago
zaray Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

awe sum place

i juz luv this place.... the best place to party nd for midnight hangouts.... their ice cream z juz awesum... simply awesum. ;-).best place for birthday

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 12 months ago
ammalhayat Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

Hamara Hot Spot :D

Our Hot Spot. Can't decide a place? Lets got Hot Spot. The perfect hangout place! We go there to party, to throw a birthday party, for late night ice cream, for absolutely anything. Their ice cream is obviously a must, but what you REALLY should try is their white sauce pasta. The clay pot they serve that heavenly, soft pasta in that creamy white sauce with mushrooms in there that you gotta dig in deep for and that layer of cheese on the top. You might have decided to go try it by now! Well don't want you you don't wanna be deprived of that best pasta which is pretty affordable too.

Likes - 0 Comments 7 years 3 months ago
theprincessnooni Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

Chocolate Molten Cake with Ice Cream

I tried the new chocolate molten cake..and it sucks! If you must have it, try it from a nice restaurant..and not from here. The cake was dry..and the not enough chocolate sauce.. For 400 rupees, I found it a complete waste.

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 10 months ago
noorirsala Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

Hot Spot...BEST Ice Cream!

I simply love their ice cream. They have a large extensive menu of icecreams..and most of them dazzle you.

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 10 months ago
AsmaIqbal_3052 Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

yumm ice creams n cold coffe

one place i cannt stop viisitin .... i love hotspot cold coffe n no were on earth i cud wind coffe lyk tht..simply awwsuummm....yumm.. i almost hav it twic a week.. almost love everytin dere...

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 10 months ago
gkhan Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

The Spot to be

You want to go out, have great ice cream, enjoy with your friends and just wnt to crazy-but one problem, you dont know where to go to do that. Well thats where I come in., or more like where hot spot comes in. The place is not only hip and happening and always busy at the ground floor but in the basement you find a cozier and quiter side of it. the place is huge and always packed with people-especially young souled ones like you, but it still somehow always finds some place to accomodate more and never looks rushed. And all that with its great energetic and welcoming ambience just makes it all the more attractive. But what is it that actually makes it different from other cafes-their icecreams. From their sundaes to their scoops to their iced mochas and all the rest-their food is finger licking good! The icecream will never be flat, the crunchies never soggy and the sprinkles on it are always scrumptious. And this all, coupled with cheap prices andgreat service makes it THE place to be. So go grab your keys and drive your way to the icecreamery to hang out today. You ask why? Go there first and then I will let you know!!;)

Likes - 0 Comments 8 years 11 months ago
Fraz_435 Posted a Review of The Hot Spot

Hot Spot

u all must visit "Hot Spot" adjasant to tobbaco masters qaddafi stadium, burgers and pasta too good, same islo touch interior,must go, not too much expensive.

Likes - 0 Comments 9 years 4 months ago

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