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Gulberg , Lahore



20-A Main, Gulberg , Lahore


Tiramisu is a proper experience of fine dining with an array of exquisite Italian and French dishes. It’s not just not about eating great food here; it’s about eating great food in a peaceful environment. Situated in the tranquil residential of Gulberg, Lahore the place offers an exclusive dining experience even with its maximum hosting capacity. Speaking of food, Tiramisu is extremely careful with its cooking hence confident with its entire range; from appetizers to main courses falling on some of the best deserts the city offers. While here, you can never go wrong with the chilli prawn salad, Tiramisu special italiano mista pates, poulet aux jalapeno, and the Norwegian salmon steak. To wrap it up and making it all a great meal you have the Chocolate Molten Cake. Even mentioning these is mouth watering; imagine how eating them sitting in a pleasant serene greenery would be.


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20-A Main, Gulberg , Lahore

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